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How Landlords Can Report Rent for Tenants

Landlords’ reporting of rent has been more common in the real estate market in...

Yearly Maintenance Checklist for Landlords

One of the most crucial responsibilities of a landlord is performing maintenance on their...

How To Increase Tenant Retention

Sustaining success in the highly competitive property management industry requires maintaining high tenant retention...

Strategies For Finding New Tenants For Your Asset

In the constantly evolving field of property management, attracting new tenants is an ongoing...

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade to Modern Property Management Solutions

Technological improvements and shifting client expectations are causing a drastic revolution in the property...

How to Budget for Your First Year of Renting

It’s important to understand how important budgeting is while renting a property. It makes...

How to Effectively Screen Potential Tenants for Your Rental Property

For landlords and property managers, tenant screening for rental properties is the first line...

How to Track and Manage Rent and Expense Contributions

Expense and rent management is a big deal in shared living, where it may...

Property Management Income and Expenses for Beginners 101

A financial balancing act is similar to property management Income and Expenses. One source...

How to Prepare for a Rental Inspection: A Tenant’s Guide

Rental inspection is an essential part of keeping a home in good condition. It...

8 Tips for Maintaining a Good Relationship With Your Landlord

A happy, stress-free tenancy depends on having a good relationship with your landlord. If...

Quick Guide on Tenant’s Rights & Responsibilities

Quick Guide on Tenant’s Rights & Responsibilities In any rental agreement, both landlords and...

How Rent Payments Can Boost Your Credit Score

In this Haletale article, we’ll explore how rent payments can impact your credit score...

Avoid Rental Scams: Tips & Tricks

Rental scams are becoming increasingly common, and they can cause a lot of stress,...

How To Reduce Your Utility Bills and Lower Your Living Costs?

Canadians spent an average of $2,535 on utility bills and living costs in 2019....

Tips for First-time Renters

Moving into your first apartment can be an exciting milestone but it also comes...
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