Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

Are listings on Haletale rented out as an entire house or shared accommodation?
The listings on Haletale are private or shared co-living units that promote the idea of co-living environments.

What is Co-living?
Co-living is a real estate term for offering affordable housing in homes shared by five or more adult roommates. Co-living housing often entails flexible leasing terms, as well as perks such as cleaning services, professionally furnished common areas, and turnkey amenities and utilities. But outside of this trending housing model, co-living is a broader term that can refer to anything from intentional communities to simply living with roommates.

Rules to apply?
Every applicant should be open to a co-living environment.

 Tell me more about the lease agreement
The service agreement is flexible, for bookings above 3 months, first and last month payments are required prior to move-in day. Additionally, any stay under 3 months the full payment is needed upfront.

 How can I add my roommate’s name to the agreement?
To add a roommate to the agreement, the roommate must create their own account and apply for the same room. Then the system will show you as a resident and your roommate will have to agree to terms and conditions to appear on the list.
Please note, no additional payments are needed to add a roommate to the agreement.

 Where can I find the agreement?
The agreement will be displayed on your dashboard and will be emailed to you after the booking is completed.

 What information do I need to apply?
The two mandatory pieces of information required to apply for a Haletale home are proof of income and valid government-issued ID. In addition, other customized IDs may be required depending on your account type.

 Do I need a co-signer or guarantor to apply?
A co-signer or guarantor is encouraged to strengthen the applications for low-income or no-income individuals.

 I applied. When will I hear back?
Once the application has been completed and submitted, Haletale will respond back within 1-2 business days.

 How do I find out if my application is accepted?
Haletale responds to applications by email, and application updates can be seen on the dashboard.

Could I apply for multiple places at once?
Yes, more than one application can be submitted to different properties. Each application will be reviewed based on when it was received, and approval will be given to one home at a time.

Is there a verification process for tenant applications, such as ID verification?

By using Persona, users agree to the use of their biometric information for identity verification, fraud prevention, and platform improvement. They also consent to Persona’s Privacy Policy, which includes the storage of data for up to three years.

Can automated rent collection be set up through EFT or Interact payments?

Yes, automated rent collection through methods like EFT or Interact payments, providing convenience for both property managers and tenants.

How does the rent payout calculator work?

It is designed to simplify rent calculations based on different business models (commission-based or fixed rent). It helps track and provide a breakdown of payments sent to homeowners.

Does the platform support lease renewals and rent increase notifications?

Yes, the platform supports lease renewals with customizable notification periods, and there is a tool for rent increases with options for reminders and notice periods.

Can the platform handle legal notices and signatures for document delivery?

Legal notices can be sent as email attachments, using the signature tool for documents.

Changing and Termination agreement process:

How many days of notice are needed when ending an agreement?
To end an agreement a 60 days’ notice is required before moving out.

What is the terminating lease policy?
Haletale requires 60 days’ notice before moving out.

What should I do if I wish to shorten my stay?
Please provide a written 60 days’ notice before moving out.

What should I do if I wish to extend my stay?
Extend your stay on the Haletale Portal.

What if my application gets denied or cancelled?
Notifications of your application status will be sent via email. Applications will be denied or cancelled if they are incomplete or if the home/room is no longer available.

How are applications accepted?
Applications are accepted on a first come first serve basis.

Can I cancel my own application?
To withdraw your application, just reach out via chat support on our website and request cancellation of the application.

Pricing and Fees

What is included in the rent?
Prices indicate the amount of rent you will pay each month. You can find out what is included and what is not included on the listing page.

What does utilities include?
Monthly utilities include Hydro, Water and Gas.

What does utilities up to a limit mean?
Utility bill is covered up to a set limit amount as mentioned in the listing page, anything over that will be split between roommates equally.

Is parking available?
On the listing page, you will find the number of parking spaces available.

Is parking included in the rent?
There may or may not be an additional charge for parking, depending on the property. During the application process, you will be able to see the parking spots available and the charges associated with them.

What is the minimum length of stay?
The minimum length of stay is 3 months.

Do I pay for furniture?
Depending on the type of house, some are furnished and some are not. In Haletale Co-living listings, you can find information about what is included in the home.

What do I do if I’m facing low internet speed?
Follow the below steps:
– Please complete a speed check using https://fast.com/
– Screen capture the results
– Contact Haletale chat support and select service requests to report maintenance issues and share the speed test results with the request.


What is the pricing structure for property managers?

Pricing varies based on the number of properties, and there are different plans available. White-labeled products have a separate pricing structure.


Do background checks for tenants and additional services like tenant reports come as add-ons?

Yes, background checks and tenant reports are add-ons, and third-party tools like Single Key and Front Lobby are used for these services.

Paying for your Rental Home

Do I need to pay for the first and last month’s rent?
First and last month’s rent must be provided for stays longer than 3 months. Any stay less than 3 months the full amount is required.

How do I pay for my rent?
Rent payment is accepted via credit/debit card or email interact transfer.

Can I pay the rent all at once?
Yes, we accept payment for the entire length of stay at one time.

How and when do I start paying rent?
Rent will be due on the first of each month
First month payment must be completed to confirm the booking and and last month payment must be completed prior to move-in date in order to receive the check-in information.

How much do I pay if I move in during the middle of the month?
When move-in day falls in the middle of the month, a prorated amount will be required. You must pay your rent in full every month on the 1st.

Can I get proof of rent payments?
Proof of rent payments are available on the Haletale dashboard or through email transfer receipts.

Your Haletale Rental Home

When will I receive move-in instructions?
All the information needed to check in will be sent 24 hrs before move-in day, provided the first and last month’s rent is received.

Is there a community information board for roommates?
For now, Haletale will communicate via email notifications.
Coming soon we’ll provide an in-living application board for roommates and us.

Where can I find cleaning service schedules?
Every Haletale living space, private or shared accommodation is provided with courtesy cleaning of common areas and will be mentioned in the listing.

Is information available on public transit?
To find the nearest public transit station use the listed property information/location.

Who is the main point of contact for any issues experienced while staying at home?
Contact us using the support chat on our website and fill out a property form. For emergencies with the property request for a call back or contact 911 responders.

Homeowner Information

What should the house be equipped with?
The house should be equipped with some basic items for co-living.

How can I prepare myself as a homeowner?
It is recommended and important to set up digital deadbolts for the main doors, keyed entry locks for all room doors, instructions in the laundry area with appropriate usage times, ensure there are garbage bins and cleaning materials in shared spaces and also schedule monthly deep cleaning to help with upkeep property.

How can I support their stay?
Support guests by labelling each room with names (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc), storage cabinets in the kitchen and around the rest of the house.

What information will I need to provide when signing up?
Ensure to add rental/rooming insurance into existing home insurance.

Is there a tool for property managers to easily create and share reports with homeowners?

Yes, the Homeowner Reporting Tool allows property managers to generate reports on a monthly basis, including financial summaries, maintenance requests, and rental details.

Can maintenance requests be tracked and reported easily?

Yes, there is a comprehensive overview of maintenance requests and repair activities available, making it easy to create reports and share them with homeowners.

How is the platform customized for property managers and homeowners?

There is a white-labeled option where the platform is customized with the property manager’s branding, creating a personalized experience. The data is encrypted for privacy.

Can property listings be marketed on multiple platforms?

Yes, the platform markets listings on various marketplaces, and there is an option for white-labeled products for more personalized branding.

Is there a feature for contractors to provide photos of completed work?

While there is not currently a contractor access feature, the platform is working on developing it to streamline communication and allow for photo uploads.

 How does the platform assist in handling rent changes during the lease term?

There is a tool for updating rent, allowing property managers to set reminders and notices for rent increases with customizable settings.

 Is there automation for lease extensions, especially for month-to-month leases?

Yes, there’s automation for lease extensions, and the platform is working on further improvements for auto-approvals, especially for month-to-month extensions.

Co-living best practices for homeowners

The house should be equipped with some basic items for co-living. Here are some of the important info
– Add rental/rooming insurance into existing home insurance
– Setup digital deadbolt for the main doors
– Setup keyed entry locks for all room doors
– Label each room with names (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc)
– Label storages in kitchen and rest of the houses
– Setup instructions in laundry area about the usage timings
– Setup sharing space with amenities like garbage bins, cleaning materials, etc
– Setup monthly deep cleaning of shared space – This helps with up keeping of property

Renters Information:

How can I trust listings on Haletale?
The safety of our guests is our number one priority. Listed homes undergo a thorough vetting process before appearing on the site.

Who do I contact if I have issues in the property?
Contact Haletale chat support and select service requests to report maintenance issues.

How do I report/file complaints on another roommate?
We care about everyone’s concerns. Please reach out to the resolution centre via Haletale chat support to report/file a complaint.

What if I feel uncomfortable with a host/roommate?
We encourage you to contact our resolution centre via our website chat if you are feeling uncomfortable.

Searching on Haletale

How do I search for homes?
Search by entering the area you are looking for then choose a home and select a room.

What does Select rooms: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta mean?
Accommodations with 2 rooms or more are labelled as, A- alpha, B – Bravo, C – Charlie, D – Delta.

Can I call to ask for more information?
Reach out to chat with our property experts on Haletale.com for any information on the property.

Creating a Haletale Account

Where can I see the rent options you have?
Check out the properties on https://web.haletale.com/ and feel free to apply online for the ones that meet your criteria.

How do I create a Haletale account?
Create an account by using a google login or sign up with your email address.

Do I need to create an account to apply?
Having a Haletale account is needed to submit an application and by creating an account you’ll have access to move-in instructions, property availability status, application notifications and a personalized dashboard.

Can I delete my account?
Reach out to chat support on Haletale.com to have your account deleted.

Are listings on Haletale rented out as an entire house or shared accommodation?

The listings on Haletale are private or shared co-living units that promote the idea of co-living environments.

Can I bring a pet?

Whether or not you can bring a pet depends on the property and house rules set out by individual homeowners. It will be indicated on the listing if pets are allowed. Contact us via chat support to speak with a property expert for more information

What are the house rules?

Here are some general house rules you might see for everyone:

  • Smoking is not allowed indoors.
  • Please keep our home secure and lock doors and windows when leaving the house.
  • Feel free to use the kitchen but please clean up after yourself.
  • Pets are generally not allowed, be sure to check listings for more information. Please do not bring strangers into our home.
  • If you would like to invite a friend over, please have it discussed with housemates.
  • Please respect our home but feel comfortable. Treat it as your own house for the duration of your stay.

These are general rules, each property will have some additional specific house rules which will be shared via email and visible at the property.

How do I book a viewing?

Schedule a viewing of the property by clicking on schedule visit, then select the available times to view the home.

Can I view the home I like before I book?

Interested in seeing the home? Take a virtual tour or schedule a visit.

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