The Add Property feature is made to make things easy, guiding you through each step of adding and managing your property. You’ll get to set up everything from the right price to listing the amenities offered. This tool covers everything you need for a thorough and organized approach.
Here’s how it works in simple steps:
  1. In your dashboard click on “Quick buttons”
  2. And click on “Add Property”
  • UnderListing InformationAdd address, unit details, property type, availability dates, and room specifics.
  • Opt for “Save and go to dashboard” for an overview of your property’s status. Choose “Save and continue” to proceed, adding more details or advancing to the next property management step.
  • The next step is Listing Types and pricing
  1. Listing Type: Choose “Co-Living” or “Entire Home” to define your property’s vibe.
  2. Unit Details: Specify floors, and decide on parking costs, and key deposit preferences.
  3. Rental Terms: Set max renters, offer long-term discounts, and determine minimum stay duration.
  4. Room Details: Introduce rooms, note bookings, name them, and specify shared or private.
  5. Pricing: Set rent for shared and private rooms in CAD.
  6. Additional Details: Share floor area, mention furnished status, and detail living, kitchen, half bath, and full bath.
  • After clicking “Update and continue” the page will take you to Amenities & Utilities
  1. Amenities: Enter details like fan, WiFi, stove, dryer, kettle, iron, fridge, and more. Cover essentials from heating to air conditioning, and even outdoor features like a backyard and BBQ grill.
  2. Utilities: Specify if utilities are included in rent or covered separately. Break down the coverage for Hydro, Water, Heat, and Internet, indicating whether it’s covered by the homeowner or tenant.
  3.  “Update and go to dashboard” to assess the overall property progress. Opt for “Update and continue” for the next property section.
  • After clicking “Update and continue” the page will take you to Viewing Scheduler
  1. Schedule Date and Time: Set available viewing times for each day of the week. For example, on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday.
  2. Notice Period In Hours: Specify the minimum notice period required before booking an appointment. This helps you prepare for viewings and manage your schedule.
  3. Viewing Instructions: Provide detailed instructions for viewers. This could include your contact number, directions to the property, or any specific instructions about accessing the property.
  • After clicking “Update and continue” the page will take you to Additional Information
  1. Public Settings:
    • Common Area Furnishing & Kitchenware: Specify the furnishings and kitchenware available in common areas.
    • Housekeeping & Smoking Policies: Outline your housekeeping standards and smoking rules.
    • Inspection & Pets Policies: Detail your policies on inspections and pet allowances.
  2. Customizing Homepage and Property Listing Details:
    • Cancellation Policy & House Rules: Choose to display these policies on your listing page.
    • Housemate Details & Number of Guests Allowed: Provide information about existing housemates and guest policies.
    • Pricing Visibility: Decide if you want to show pricing on the homepage and the listing page.
  3. Address Customization:
    • Homepage & Listing Page Details: Control how much of your property’s address (street number, address, city, province) is shown on the homepage and the listing page.
  4. Visibility and Access:
    • Who Can See Listing Details: Choose whether everyone, only signed-in users, or nobody (if you choose to hide from the marketplace) can see your listing details on the homepage.
  5. Customize Listing Page Action Button: Options like ‘Apply’, ‘Request for more details’, or custom actions can be set for your listing page.
Key Features in the Private Section:
  1. Furnace Protection Plan: Here, you can enter details about your furnace protection plan, ensuring that information about maintenance and coverage is readily available.
  2. Condo Management Information: This section is for documenting any relevant information about the condo management. It could include contact details, management policies, or specific condo rules.
  3. Additional Information: A flexible space for any extra details you wish to record about the property that doesn’t fit in other categories.
  4. A Note for Extra Info: This is a general note section for any miscellaneous information or reminders you might want to keep private.
  5. Navigation: After you input your information, use the ‘Back’ button to return to the previous page or section.
  • After clicking “Update and continue” the page will take you to Images And Videos
  1. Upload Images: Select a minimum of 5 images showcasing your rental unit. Ensure each room has at least 1 labeled image for clarity to potential renters.
  2. Browse: Click on the “Browse” button to choose and upload your property images.
  3. Property Video Link: Optionally, provide a link to a property video on YouTube or Google Drive. Ensure access is set to ‘Anyone on the internet with the link can view.’
  • After clicking “Update and continue” the page will take you to Rules and Policies
  1. Move-in/Move-out Times: Set specific times for move-in and move-out to ensure a smooth transition.
  2. Cancellation Policy: Clearly define cancellation options and charges.
  3. Change of Move-in Date Policy: No changes once booked; payments are due on time.
  4. Incomplete Booking Policy: No access without full payment; no refund for cancellations.
  5. House Rules: Respect housemates, maintain cleanliness, no smoking, limit guests, follow kitchen schedule, keep noise down, report damages, and pay on time.
  • After clicking “Update and continue” the page will take you to Identity Verification
  1. Identity Verification: Complete identity verification in 1 minute using Persona.
  2. Verified by Persona: Ensure a secure and swift process to confirm your identity.
  • Choose “Update and go to dashboard” for an overview. Opt for “Update and continue” to proceed with Renter management which will take you to Info for renters
  1. Access to the Property:
  2. Keys and Access: Provide additional information regarding key access and policies.
  3. WiFi Details: Username and Password
  4. Mailbox: Indicate whether the homeowner handles the mailbox or if there are specific instructions for it.
  5. Laundry Facilities: Detail the laundry situation, such as “Shared laundry facilities.”
  6. Other Important Information:
    • Thermostat Security Code: Include instructions for temperature control.
    • Home Security: Provide any relevant information regarding home security systems or protocols.
Choose “Update and go to dashboard” for an overview. Opt for “Update and continue” to proceed with Move out info
  • Key Components of Haletale’s Standard Move-Out Policy:
  1. Cleaning: Tenants are responsible for thoroughly cleaning the rental unit before moving out, and removing all personal belongings.
  2. Repairs: Any necessary repairs should be reported to the property manager or homeowner. Tenants may be held responsible for damages caused during their stay.
  3. Utilities: All utility bills should be settled by the tenant up to the move-out date.
  4. Keys: All keys must be returned upon move-out. Failure to do so could lead to additional charges.
  5. Inspection: A final inspection will be conducted, and any damages or necessary repairs will be noted and discussed with the tenant.
  6. Noise Levels: Tenants should keep noise levels down, especially in co-living spaces, and inform housemates in advance of any gatherings.
  7. Security Deposit: It will be returned within a reasonable time, minus any deductions for damages or unpaid rent/utilities.
  8. Move-Out Date: Tenants must vacate the unit by the agreed date and time to avoid additional charges or legal action.
  • Custom Move-Out Instructions: You can add specific instructions like “Please clean…” or any other personalized directives.
Choose “Update and go to dashboard” for an overview. Opt for “Update and continue” to proceed with In-house task
Key Aspects of the In-House Task Feature:
  1. Task Creation: You can create a wide range of tasks, such as Dusting, Housekeeping, Furnishing, Cooking, Garbage Cleaning, and Toilet Cleaning. Each task is assigned a unique Task ID for easy tracking.
  2. Task Details:
    • Task Name: The specific name of the task (e.g., Dusting, Cooking).
    • Room Name: Assign tasks to specific rooms, if applicable.
    • Frequency: Define how often a task should be performed (e.g., daily, bi-weekly, weekly).
    • Days Limit: Set deadlines or time limits for task completion.
  3. Actions: Each task comes with options to ‘Delete’ or ‘Edit’, allowing for flexibility in managing the tasks.
  4. Examples of Task Listings: Dusting (Task ID 6), Housekeeping (Task ID 7), Furnishing (Task ID 10), and so on, with varying frequencies and a standard day limit of 1 for each.
  5. Task Management: This system helps ensure that all necessary maintenance and household tasks are completed in a timely and organized manner.
Congratulations on completing the setup of your property listing!
With all the details in place, from showcasing amenities to scheduling viewings and setting up move-out instructions, you are now ready to attract and welcome potential tenants. Remember, you can always come back to update or refine your listing to keep it current and appealing.

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