Paying for your Rental Home

Do I need to pay for the first and last month’s rent?
First and last month’s rent must be provided for stays longer than 3 months. Any stay less than 3 months the full amount is required.

How do I pay for my rent?
Rent payment is accepted via credit/debit card or email interact transfer.

Can I pay the rent all at once?
Yes, we accept payment for the entire length of stay at one time.

How and when do I start paying rent?
Rent will be due on the first of each month
First month payment must be completed to confirm the booking and and last month payment must be completed prior to move-in date in order to receive the check-in information.

How much do I pay if I move in during the middle of the month?
When move-in day falls in the middle of the month, a prorated amount will be required. You must pay your rent in full every month on the 1st.

Can I get proof of rent payments?
Proof of rent payments are available on the Haletale dashboard or through email transfer receipts.


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