General Rules

Can I bring a pet?
Whether or not you can bring a pet depends on the property and house rules set out by individual homeowners. It will be indicated on the listing if pets are allowed. Contact us via chat support to speak with a property expert for more information.

What are the house rules?
Here are some general house rules you might see for everyone:
– Smoking is not allowed indoors.
– Please keep our home secure and lock doors and windows when leaving the house.
– Feel free to use the kitchen but please clean up after yourself.
– Pets are generally not allowed, be sure to check listings for more information. Please do not bring strangers into our home. – If you would like to invite a friend over, please have it discussed with housemates.
– Please respect our home but feel comfortable. Treat it as your own house for the duration of your stay.

These are general rules, each property will have some additional specific house rules which will be shared via email and visible at the property.


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