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We help ambitious homeowners like you to earn the maximum returns on your investment by providing a higher earning potential than the traditional way of renting your property.

Our Offbeat system of Co-living rentals has provided our proud homeowners with an evergreen business & a year-round house full of renters with our smart listings.

Find Your Best

Whether you’re a newcomer student or professional searching for a comfortable home abroad or just settling in a new city, our listings can help you find the perfect place to live in Canada.

Haletale provides all the information you need to find your perfect home. We are your one-stop guide to all things – amenities, convenience, & services like nearby public transportation, market, education, healthcare facilities, etc. 


Say goodbye to living with strangers and unverified shammy landlords. 

Our pre-moving & pre-listing verification system helps you ensure a safe, cross-checked, reliable & great co-living experience.

Free moving

Say goodbye to housing scams.

Our one-of-a-kind home switching system ensures you don’t get scammed by dishonest landlords.

In the event of false advertising, Haletale will cover the cost of moving – no questions asked!


International Students

Created exclusively for international students

24/7 Customer

24/7 customer support from our local team

Personalized listings

Personalized listings no more time-consuming browsing

Secure Rental Platform

Secure payment platform

Build Credit Scores

Build credit scores by paying rent on time

Rental Documents

We organize rental documents for you


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