Roadmap category: Launched

User specific access

now renters, homeowners, property managers and realtors all have customized view

Document Management

Now we can add more than just agreements. add any type of documents and...

Split transaction

Split one transaction to multiple items and categorize separately

Tax Calculation in Accounting

Added tax calculation features to the accounting system so that you can include or...

Cashflow Analysis Calculator

Analyse your future and present property cashflows using this ROI Calculator

Raise maintenance request using SMS

Whitelabelled Property managers can raise maintenance requests using text

ID Verification

Verification of Identity using withpersona

Ability to apply by co-applicant

The co-applicants or co-renters with main renter, who originally applied for the property, can...

Contact Management

Manage multiple contacts related to your business such as renters, homeowners, contractors,

Amex payout to homeowners for PMs

PMs can manage their cashflows by integrating Amex to pay the rent to homeowner...

White labelled product

New customised version of the product that resonates with your brand awareness and needs

Signable Agreements

Sign agreements without using a third party service

Task Management

Homeowners can now smoothly arrange, automate and organize tasks among the renters and themselves

PDF receipt for transactions

Homeowners can now provide automated pdf receipts for every transactions they undertake using the...

Renter Dashboard

Renters can view their applications, agreements, payments and tasks

Homeowner and Property manager

Review an overview of your properties

Sign-up using phone number, email, facebook and google

Users can sign-up using their phone number, google, facebook or email

‘Verified’ tag for properties

Specific tags for properties that are verified by Haletale

Tenant Statement

Generate tenant year end rent payment receipt and share all in one go

P&L and Cash Flow Statement

Create financial reports for entire business as well as individual properties

Appointment Scheduler

Homeowners can schedule appointments with potential renters on platform

New Dashboard UI

Improved Haletale homeowner dashboard

Accounting feature

Homeowners can now record each and every transactions and perform accounting task functions, all...

Lease Agreement

Generate lease agreements in one click.

Utility Management

Create an expense, split the liability and create payment requests all in one go

Partial Payment feature

Payments by renters can be marked as partially paid

In-app messaging

Messaging feature to communicate among renters and homeowners

Existing tenant onboarding

Add tenants and assign them an existing property

Calculate your property’s maximum earning potential

Select no. of bedrooms
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Select no. of bathrooms
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your expected monthly rent


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