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Experience the power of our all in one rental platform.

Effortless Rent Management

 Haletale simplifies rent management for property managers by automating rent reminders and collection, ensuring timely and hassle-free payments.

Streamlined Accounting

Handle financial aspects effortlessly with in-platform accounting tools, making it easy to track expenses, income, and overall financial health.

Custom Homeowner Reports

Generate customised property reports to share with homeowners, providing them with clear insights into their property’s financial performance.

Seamless Communication

Stay in touch with tenants through timely notifications, emails, and texts, keeping them informed about important updates and ensuring their satisfaction.

Lease Management

Access lease agreements within the platform, making it convenient to review and reference terms and conditions as needed.

Efficient Move-Outs and Extensions

Initiate and manage move-out notices and extension requests directly through the platform, reducing potential miscommunications and streamlining processes

Application Tracking

Monitor rental applications in real-time with our application progress tracking feature, allowing property managers to provide applicants with up-to-date information.

Comprehensive Task Management

Property managers can efficiently assign and manage tasks related to property maintenance, inspections, and more, ensuring a well-maintained property portfolio.

Financial Insights

Gain valuable financial insights with our reporting tools, helping property managers make informed decisions and optimize property performance.

Document Repository

Store and access important documents and records within the platform, ensuring all property-related information is organized and easily accessible.

Efficient Maintenance Requests

Receive and address maintenance requests from tenants promptly, ensuring tenant satisfaction and property upkeep.

Vendor Management

Easily manage and coordinate with vendors and contractors for property maintenance and repairs within the platforms

Liquidity Support with Amex

Haletale has partnered with AMEX to provide property managers with a unique solution for handling cash flow challenges. In case of late rent payments by renters, property managers can use AMEX to pay homeowners, ensuring they receive their rent on time, even during liquidity crunches

Effortless HST/GST Taxes

Haletale streamlines the tax calculation process for property managers. Automatically calculate HST/GST taxes with ease, eliminating the hassle of manual calculations and ensuring compliance.

Simplify Rent Disbursement

Utilize Haletale’s rent calculator feature to effortlessly calculate the precise rent amount to be paid out to homeowners. Say goodbye to spreadsheet hassles and ensure accurate and timely payments

Brand Enhancement

Elevate your market presence with a software that showcases your brand.

Seamless Upgrades

Benefit from automatic updates and improvements to the platform as Haletale continually enhances the software to meet the highest standards.

Tech without the team

Get cutting-edge technology under your name without the overhead of managing an engineering team. Focus on your business strengths while we handle the technical complexities.

Your brand, Our Technology

Take our technology and customize to make it all yours


WHITE LABEL SOLUTION – Your brand, Our Technology

Transform your property management business with Haletale’s White Label Solution. Deliver a top-tier, branded experience to your clients by harnessing the power of world-class technology tailored just for you.



Simplify your property financial management with robust accounting capabilities. Keep track of income, expenses, and financial transactions, ensuring accurate and organised record-keeping for your property portfolio.

Data Import

Import data from various sources, be it your bank statements or excel, csv files


Get dedicated accounting dashboard to get a macro view of what’s happening with the business

Financial Reports

Generate financial reports for individual properties as well as the overall portfolio, allowing you to assess their business performance.

Simple Interface

Say goodbye to complex accounting softwares and try Haletale’s extremely simple and efficient UI.

Renter Agreement

Create and store legally binding lease agreements with ease and share it with your renters.

Renter Background Verification

Ensure reliable renters with comprehensive background checks and complete verification.

In-App Communication

Seamlessly communicate with renters directly using our messaging feature.

Dedicated Support

Get team support to resolve renter conflicts based on payments, agreement etc.


Renter Management

From renter screening and onboarding to lease management and communication, efficiently handle all aspects of renter interactions to ensure a positive renting experience for both parties.


Rent Collection

Make rent collection a breeze with our user-friendly system. Enable tenants to conveniently pay their rent online, set up automated reminders and notifications, and ensure a smooth and timely rent collection process.

Automated Rent Collection

Hassle-free rent collection made effortless with automatic receipt generation

Collect Partial Payments

Flexible options to accept partial payments from renters

Prompt Reminders

Never miss a payment with timely rent reminders. Collect Partial Payments: Flexible options to accept partial payments from renters

Rent Guarantee

Get peace of mind with guaranteed rental income and comprehensive rent reporting in case the renter defaults on their rent (add-on)

Maintenance Request

Review maintenance requests by renter, track progress and resolve them seamlessly.

Task Scheduling

Efficiently schedule and manage property-related tasks and activities such as cleaning, inspection etc.

Real-time Notifications To Renters

Instant updates and notifications to renters regarding important steps taken by homeowners.

Coordinate with Vendors

Seamlessly collaborate with vendors for timely and effective property maintenance.



Streamline and enhance the day-to-day management of your properties. With our comprehensive property operations tools, you can ensure smooth operations, reduce downtime, and deliver an exceptional experience to tenants.

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